Twitter competition win – dinner for 4 at Shaka Zulu

Dining with friends, Non Michelin Restaurants

I’m fairly new to twitter so I still get excited when a notification flashes up on my phone “Congrats @FoodObsessedSam! You have won a meal for 4 with @ShakaZuluLondon.” Yes!!! I shouted to myself inside.  I was sat at my work desk so had to refrain from jumping up and down and getting too excited!

I sorted out a reservation and invited some friends that I have kept in contact with since school. Since having children my lifestyle has completely changed.   I can’t just do as I please anymore my life revolves around my babies.  So I was excited to meet up, have a good catch up and relax without a child’s endearing strop at the dinner table.IMG_1006

I travelled in from Kent, when I arrived in Camden I got lost in stables market, I had to ring ahead and say I was lost, the lady who answered the phone did try to direct me but I’m useless at listening to directions.   I’d come from chalk farm station, I should have checked their website and come from Camden town as my friends did.   I’m really not familiar with Camden.   This was my second visit in about six years.   The last time I was in Camden was for a gig at the roundhouse preceded by a drinking session in the Weatherspoons.

We went through the front door and down an escalator to the front of house, my friend was already impressed just with the escalator, she’s easily pleased.   We were greeted and shown to our table, to my friends delight we went down yet another escalator!   First impression I have to say the restaurant is incredible.   The atmosphere is buzzing and there’s no shortage of diners.   There are two gigantic golden warriors guarding the restaurant and beautiful carved wooden murals covering the walls.   It was truly stunning and I was really impressed, I was quite blown away actually.

We were presented a glass of champagne, and were asked if we wanted a bottle of red or white, I chose white wine, surprisingly it was really decent. I only say that as I’ve progressed into a bit of a wine buff.

We ate from a set menu, starters were served on an impressive sharing platter including Ham Hock, Wildebeest Terrine with Papaya Salsa and Springbok Carpaccio.

These were both really delicious, all the accompaniments were really good too.   For main I chose spit roast of the day which was pork.   The fat was a little too soft for my liking, but I still enjoyed the dish it had a great kick to it.


The desserts also came on a sharing platter including panna cotta and chocolate tart, all the little desserts were lovely.


I won’t lie and say the food was amazing just because it was complimentary.   The food was good, and better than I had expected, but what was amazing was the service and the restaurant itself.   Our server was very attentive but left us alone to talk and enjoy ourselves.

The restaurant is not serving up Michelin quality food but it is not claiming to they are however serving, Zebra, crocodile and ostrich which is there USP.   One of my friends was keen to bring her next date here.   I would like to come back to try the more exotic meats.

IMG_1003 IMG_1001
I had a great evening and I was really impressed.   The venue really is stunning !   It had a great atmosphere and everyone is dressed to impress. This is a great place for girls nights and groups and the food offerings are great.   I do recommend this place as it’s great fun and not many restaurants can claim that.


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