#lovE20 Dream date @ Get Living London part 2 Clove Club

Dream date #lovE20

Loaded up with our Westfield shopping voucher we had a wander around Westfield shopping centre. My local shopping centre is Bluewater, Dartford. This was the first time I had been to Westfield Stratford. Next time I need to go shopping I think I’ll make the effort to return to stratford as Westfield have such a diverse variety of shops. Far better than Bluewater. They have all the designer shops as well as the budget shops such as Primark and they even have an Argos. They have loads of restaurants too. I spotted a little character from the new kids film Home and couldn’t resist a snap.   
Next stop was lunch at Clove Club, Shoreditch. We had been given travel cards but we decided to take a taxi to the restaurant. The clove club was my husbands choice of restaurant.

Located in an old town hall the clove club has quite a grand entrance.

Our coats were taken and we were walked through the bar and into the dining room. We walked past the chefs who are located at the front of the restaurant in full view of diners.

We were given a budget for lunch but as we were here we thought we may as well go for the full dining experience and went for a carte Blanche tasting menu with paired wines.

Our meal kicked off with a selection of snacks and a glass of bubbles.


Chicken feet, sausage, cured meats, chicken ‘nuggets’ every mouthful was amazing! I absolutely love when a meal kicks off to this fantastic standard and it excites me as I anticipate the courses. As it was a carte blanche menu, we didn’t know what we were eating until it was placed in front of us.

The first dish was trout, I have overcome my fear of eating fish and even the raw stuff too. I’m not a fan of fishy fish and this fish wasn’t at all. My husband always laughs as he thinks I’m gonna struggle but I actually enjoyed it. All the flavours were so fresh and clean.

Next course was scallop, truffle and mushroom. Wow. These flavours together were amazing so earthy and creamy and silky on the tongue. This was a definite highlight of the meal.

Blood sausage was the next course. I really like black pudding so this dish was finished off rather quickly. Another delicious dish.

Next course was a fish dish

followed by a delicious cheesy biscuit.

The following course was really clever. We were shown a 100 year old bottle of Madeira it was poured into a wine glass and we were told to drink half of it. From a separate decanter our glasses were topped up with a duck consume. Such a great idea, plus I’ve never drunk hot consume from a wine glass before.

Next was a lamb course.

Followed by two desserts one of which was a lemonade and pepper combination and it literally was a taste sensation and my tastebuds went crazy with the peppery fizz.

Coffee then petit fours with the bill. Tada! 17 different plates of amazing food polished off no problems.

We decided to walk to the nearest tube station and got lost walking in circles but eventually ended up at Liverpool street. I don’t know if this was the nearest station but we were back to Stratford within minutes.

This is part 2 of 3.  To be continued in part 3

The Clove Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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