Reminiscence – The Fat Duck July 2011

Dining with the Husband, Michelin Star Restaurant, Three Michelin Star

I visited this mind blowing restaurant in July 2011. My husband and I had only just started getting into food and dining in Michelin star restaurants. The main reason being that we now had a child so drinking, dancing and grabbing a donna kebab on the way home in the early hours was not something we could partake in anymore. Not a bad alternative I know!

My husband’s new year resolution/challenge for 2011 was to dine in at least one Michelin starred restaurant a month for a whole year. I believe this was our first three Michelin star experience.  (We’ve since visited all the three Michelin star restaurants in the UK).  During our year of Michelin starred dining we would more often go for the set lunch menus, looking back this does not really do the restaurants justice as you just can’t compare a set lunch to an a la carte or tasting menu. The Fat Duck was a real extravagance for us. I think this has still been the most expensive lunch we’ve had but it was worth every penny.


The Fat Duck July 2011

The exterior of the building is very quaint and the interior was just as charming. It was a real contrast to the contemporary dishes we were served. I absolutely adored this experience, I loved the theatrics and felt so excited the whole journey. Literally every table were taking pictures of their plates, something I’ve not encountered since. I did get over excited during some courses and only remembered to take a picture once I’d tucked in. I didn’t remember to take a pic of the Nitro poached aperitifs or the hot/iced tea either. But it’s up there in my memory bank and I will cherish this adventure forever. If you have not been to the Fat Duck, you must!!!


Beetroot meringue


Red cabbage gazpacho pommery grain mustard ice cream


Jelly of quail, crayfish cream chicken liver parfait, oak moss and truffle toast



Snail porridge iberico ham, shaved fennel


Roast foie gras barberry, braised jinni and crab biscuit


Mock turtle soup


The actual sound of the sea


Sound of the sea


Salmon poached in a liquorice gel artichokes, vanilla mayonnaise and golden trout roe


Lamb with cucumber onion and fill fluid gel


Macerated strawberries olive oil biscuit, chamomile and coriander jelly and ice cream cornet


The BFG Black forest gateau



Whisk(e)y wine gums


Aerated chocolate mandarin jelly


Apple pie caramel with an edible wrapper


Coconut baccy coconut infused with an aroma of black cavendish tobacco


The queen of hearts


As you can see the food was amazing, it tasted as good as it looked. There were so many highlights. The Fat Duck is soon moving to Melbourne, Australia for 6 months in 2015, I’m excited to see what they make of it.


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