Chocolate covered cookies! 


Hands up, who likes Oreos?
Ok. Who likes chocolate?

And hand up who likes chocolate covered Oreos………………………..?

Well chocolate covered Oreos are actually a thing and I can testify that that are as good as you would imagine!

So I was dreaming away at work in a meeting and when I returned to my desk there was a gift from the gods. A bold and brash yellow paper bag had been delivered and inside a windowed gift box proudly displaying CHOCOLATE COVERED OREO COOKIES!!!!!!


I proudly showed them off ( leaving colleagues thinking I had an admirer) it was actually switched on Comms who had delivered them! But I selfishly didn’t share, I took them home for my nearest and dearest. Naturally my daughter chose the pink biscuit, my son the gold and my husband and I waited till they were in bed before we enjoyed ours! Verdict? Well the kids devoured them, “more, more” they were shouting. My son was impressed that buy letting it slightly melt it turned his hand gold! Kids! 

My husband and I were also silently shouting “more, more” in our heads after we’d savoured every crumb! The chocolate covering is so generously thick and smooth and creamy and melt in the mouth.   

The biscuits have just been launched in Selfridges food hall by artisan baker Sangita Anand from La di da Sweet Treats. You can grab ’em at the bakery counter on the ground floor. Be quick though, at only £1.20 they already sold out on their highly anticipated debut!  





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