Purnell’s Outlaw Kitchen Takeover

Dining with the Husband, Michelin Star Restaurant, One Michelin Star, Pop Up Experience

Nathan Outlaw and Glynn Purnell were the hosts at this unique kitchen takeover at Outlaw’s at The Capital. The evening was held to celebrate the successful book launch of Glynn’s debut ‘Cracking Yolks & Pig Tales’. It was the perfect opportunity to try out Glynn’s cuisine in London as his Michelin star restaurant, Purnells, is located in Birmingham.

We arrived to a very busy bar, this night had been a sell out so we just loitered in the Lobby. The front of house caught my attention checked us in then showed us to our table, we were given a table right next to the ‘thrones’ where the chefs would be appearing.

The room filled up and the excitement grew. We were given champagne and canapés of smoked fish cakes, crab & cheddar tarts, and Duck ham & fig chutney.



Canapés of smoked fish cakes, crab & cheddar tarts, and Duck ham & fig chutney

Whilst everyone was tucking in the chefs could be seen through the window to the kitchen, it was very exciting waiting for them to make their grand entrance. When Glynn and Nathan walked into the dining room all the diners applauded, they welcomed their guests, before hosting a Q&A session together.


We see you! Nathan Outlaw & Glynn Purnell

Only a few questions were asked, one about if media had played a big part in their success, another asked for advice for aspiring young chefs and I plucked up the courage to ask simply what were their favourite restaurants. They were very comical, especially Glynn, he is exactly how he appears on Saturday kitchen and had the whole room laughing. It was like watching celebrities, and to me chefs are celebrities. I’m a foodie and these chefs are my idols, they’re very talented and I appreciate their art.


They headed back to the kitchen to prepare nights dinner.

First course Beetroot mousse, horseradish crumble & Salted beetroot.  Such a pretty plate, gorgeous colours and loved the textures.


Beetroot mousse, horseradish crumble & Salted beetroot

Second course Curry cured salmon, spiced mango, cauliflower, coriander. Salmon isn’t one of my favourites but the flavours in this dish were amazing! Surprisingly delicious.


Curry cured salmon, spiced mango, cauliflower, coriander

Third course Slow cooked neck if lamb, scorched leeks & lettuce, pickled cucumber & tomato.  Wow, the meat was so tender and soft and melt in the mouth perfection.


Slow cooked neck if lamb, scorched leeks & lettuce, pickled cucumber & tomato

Dessert Lemon meringue pie.  Beautiful blow torched meringue and a gorgeous ice cream accompaniment.


Lemon meringue pie

Whilst enjoying the coffee and petit fours the two chefs worked the room. They made an effort to go to each and every table and thank their guests. I had my menu signed and hubby had a photo with Glynn.


A very proud Hubby and Yummy Brummie

As expected the food was amazing, my highlights were the beetroot with horseradish and the lamb neck. It was such a pleasure and privilege to meet both chefs. Since this event last week Nathan was the winner of the AA Chefs’ Chef of the Year Award 2014-2015 and Outlaws Fish Kitchen in Cornwall was awarded a Michelin star, not a bad week for Nathan and his team! What an achievement and very well deserved too.


Delicious breads


Happy customer


Sommelier in front of the ‘thrones’

The restaurant is located a stones throw from Harrods.  While we were sat I spotted a Swarovski crystal covered Mercedes, which later appeared in the news, only in Knightsbridge hey!


The infamous Swarovski crystal covered Mercedes


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