Restaurant Gordon Ramsay revisited

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first visited this incredible restaurant back in 2011 for my husbands birthday. Back then my husband and I had recently started exploring fine dining in michelin star establishments. It sounds ridiculous but years ago we felt slightly awkward in these restaurants as they were so ‘posh’ and we weren’t sure of the restaurant etiquette. Fast forward to 2015 and I can’t believe we ever felt like that! Visiting a michelin star restaurant is my absolute favourite thing. I know I keep banging on about michelin stars but in my opinion it guarantees amazing food and fantastic service. Now days there are such good lunch deals on offer it’s just as cheap to eat at a michelin star restaurant as it is a chain restaurant.   Anyway, we had decided to return as it was again my husbands birthday and we wanted to fully appreciate the dining experience this time. We had 12o’clock lunch reservations and had already decided we were going for the menu prestige.      We started off the birthday celebrations with a glass of bubbles.     The dining room is very intimate and mostly filled with couples. It’s such a romantic venue.      The first plate was served, an eggshell filled with potato mousseline with smoked egg yolk generously topped with black truffle.     My husband had researched before our visit and heard rave reviews so we added an additional dish of linguine with an emulsion of aged Parmesan again topped with Perigord truffles. The truffles are presented to the table in a wooden box and shaved generously onto your plate, so luxurious!      Pressed foie gras with green apples, turnips, watercress and smoked duck    Ravioli of lobster, langoustine and salmon poached in a light bisque, oscietra caviar and sorrel velouté.  The pasta is incredible and each mouthful is so moreish.    Isle of Gigha halibut with Atlantic King Crab, finger lime and ras el hanout infused broth.  Such a beautifully presented plate, the flowers looked stunning, the broth was so fragrant and delicious.     For main I chose the Cotswold lamb and winter vegetable “Navarin”, braised shank and confit breast    Hubby went for Roast pigeon with fennel, sautéed foie gras, lavender, honey and orange    Before desserts we ordered the optional selection of cheeses     Pre dessert was a pallet cleansing Cucumber sorbet, salad burnet, lemon verbena and mint.  The herbs had been freeze dried to be crushed in the pestle and mortar by the diner at the table.      For dessert we went off the menu and ordered Assiette de l’Aubergine which is a miniature selection of the entire dessert menu!     Lemonade parfait with honey, bergamot and sheep’s milk yoghurt sorbet Smoked chocolate cigar with blood orange and cardamom icecream Carrotcake with mead, bee pollen and creamcheese icecream    Caramelised tarte Tatin of apples with Tahitian vanilla ice cream     English peppermint soufflé with bitter chocolate sorbet Hubby’s birthday didn’t go unnoticed, he was presented another little dessert with a candle and sang to!   I absolutely adore this resturant, one of the best in London.   Each dish is as good as the next and cooked perfectly.  This restaurant holds THREE michelin stars, because it’s a class above all the others. The food is incredible. The plates are presented beautifully and the flavours are extraordinary. This is formal fine dining at it’s best, if you want to feel special, spoilt and pampered, have your crumbs swept away and napkin folded and want to make an effort for a special occasion then this is ideal. I’m a big fan of fine dining and Michelin stars and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is absolute PERFECTION.

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