#lovE20 Dream date @ Get Living London Part 3 

Dream date #lovE20

Our next stop was bowling at All Star Lanes. Unfortunately we had missed our allocated slot at bowling. It was so busy, there was such a great atmosphere, real shame we couldn’t bowl that night. Oh well, we decided to explore more of Westfield and went for a walk a bout. Before we knew it our dinner reservation had crept up on us.  
Cafe football was the destination, it’s actually located within Westfield. I’m not into football but was curious to come here as I am a fan of Michael Wignall who is creative director. I knew the food wasn’t going to be two michelin star standard like his actual restaurant but I did expect it to be high.  

I opted for the all for one which was ribs, chips, wings coleslaw and a random pitta bread.  


My husband had the sausage roll. The food was ok but I’d come here with high expectations so was disappointed to be honest. This place is good for football fans as they have screens to watch the game. They also had a sweet shop where you can get a quarter of sweets, so it’s brilliant for families too. Just not the best for foodies wanting Michael Wignall quality food. I did like the milkshakes served in the glass milk bottles, that did look cool.


Next event, cocktails at the Casino. We didn’t gamble, as neither of us had a clue what to do, so we headed straight for the bar. There was a live band playing. This was a very popular place, the queue at the bar was quite deep. I chose a fruity cocktail, it was shaken and stirred and beautifully presented. It tasted great too. Don’t mind if I do have another! 


We were absolutely full to bursting so made our way to the apartment. My husband is neurotic when it comes to noise so I was a bit concerned he wouldn’t get much sleep staying in an apartment in such a busy place. Amazingly we had a great sleep, not a peep of noise! Such a great apartment to wake up in and our kids would have loved it too! Especially my son as the balcony is a great place for train spotting.  

We decided that as we did not have the chance to bowl the night before that we would go first thing in the morning. We walked round to Westfield, we were very familiar with the short walk now and checked in at all star lanes. 

Let’s bowl let’s bowl let’s rock n roll! I’m not very good at bowling, no surprise I lost, but it was great fun! The atmosphere was very different to the party atmosphere going on the night before. There were families with young children and it was very relaxed. 


After my humiliating defeat we went back to the apartment to be filmed about our dream date. We returned our keys and made our way home to kent.  

Watch what we had to say here

Thank you so much to get living London for arranging a fantastic dream date, which it certainly was! 


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