T2 Regent St tea party 

Pop Up Experience

T2 is Australia’s leading tea retailer. T2’s iconic brand has been brewing over the last 18 years, and they now sell enough tea per month to make 9 million cups! With over 50 stores in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the UK and now they have a brand spanking new store on London’s Regent Street. I was invited to their launch night party by Switched on Comms. Who doesn’t love a tea party?! 
The party started at 6 and I arrived to a long queue of people eagerly awaiting behind the red ropes. The queue was made up of PR invitees and T2 tea society members, which is a loyalty club for their devoted tea drinkers.  

I was greeted at the door with a cold Fruitalicious flavour tea in a cute little plastic bottle. The store is absolutely gorgeous. The iconic orange boxes which house the loose tea and contemporary teaware beautifully decorate the walls. There were temporary pop up stations set up within the store.

 A matcha ceremony took place at the back of the store with a matcha guru.    

I do drink green tea, but I’ve never had matcha, which is powdered green tea famed for its antioxidants. I can’t say I’m a massive fan, I prefer it with a bit of mint, but I enjoyed learning about the Ceremony of how to make it from the Matcha Guru.  

Hot Chai tea was being brewed and the intriguing aroma was attracting people over to the station, as well as the gorgeous girl serving it up.  

This tea is amazing, the smell made me salivate. Chai tea is literally a hug in a mug, it’s such a lovely warming comforting drink, and there’s so many different types at T2 including choc chip and strawberry chai. 

There was a create your own fruity ice tea station and there was a counter serving up tea cocktails! Yep alcoholic iced tea cocktails! 

There were two different types, I tried both for the purpose of this blog! 😉 What a great alternative to pimms, and a novel idea for a tea party. 

My friend and I chatted to various T2 staff and each one of them was so enthusiastic and passionate about their beloved tea. They were genuinely happy and proud to work for T2 and had been part of the team for years. The passion is definitely reflected in the products. 

 My friend and I walked around sniffing all the different teas and admiring the beautifully delicate glass cups and teapots. 


To be honest a few weeks ago I was not aware of the T2 brand but now I am, I’m definitely a fan and I’m signing up to be a member of the Tea society right now! 

It’s such a fun shop and I’ll be coming back when it’s less busy and have a thorough look round and sniff a few more teas. I’ve got my eye on a mesh ball infuser which I’ll be coming back for ………. and some chai teas …… and maybe a few more things I had my eye on too!  

T2 Regent St 

292 Regent St, London, W1B 3AP. England

Monday – Wednesday: 9:30AM-7:00PM

Thursday – 9.30AM-9.00PM

Friday- 09.30AM-7.00PM

Saturday: 09.30AM-7:00PM

Sunday: 12:00PM-6:00PM

Phone 02 075806360


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