#lovE20 Dream Date @ Get Living London part 1 

Dream date #lovE20

Back in March my husband and I won a dream date based in Stratford E20. We basically were given free reign to decide a whole day of activities courtesy of Get Living London.
Get living london are a new residential owner and rental management company, who let homes direct to residents, they aim to become London’s first choice for rental property and will be operating from locations across the capital, with their first homes in London’s newest neighbourhood, East Village. Which would be our home for the night.

We live in Kent, so we took the high speed train from Ebbsfleet and we arrived in Stratford in about 10 minutes. We were given the keys to our apartment for the night.

We walked in and although the weather was quite dim we were overwhelmed by the breath taking views! Wow!

You could see for miles, the whole of the London landscape and all of it’s iconic landmarks, the Olympic park and stadium and The ArcelorMittal Orbit, which was our first activity for the day.

So just a few minutes walk from our apartment was The ArcelorMittal Orbit. The ArcelorMittal Orbit was created by sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor, and designer Cecil Balmond.

The sculpture is actually bigger than it looks. Britain’s largest sculpture was fashioned from 2000 tonnes of steel, the equivalent of 265 double-decker buses!

We stood under the huge dome at the bottom and then we were escorted into the lift. We reached the top floor and had our photo taken upside down in one of the amusing mirrors.

We then had a go at the touch screen maps picking out the landmarks we could spot. We decided to walk down the stairs to exit the sculpture.

From here we realised just how high we actually were. It was very windy too! As we descended there were speakers with sound bites of London including markets and parklife.

A great activity although to be honest the view from our apartment was just as spectacular.

To be continued with Part 2 – lunch at Clove Club & Part 3 including bowling at All Star Lanes


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