Sashimi convert at Yashin Ocean House

Dining with the Husband, Non Michelin Restaurants

Yashin ocean house, in South Kensington, is based entirely around seafood.  It’s offers head to toe dining from roe to flesh to skin.  For someone like me this is a little bit scary, I’m not too keen on fish, especially the raw fishy kind!

So I took a deep breath and we walked in.  The restaurant is really bright, it’s elegant and contemporary, the main attraction is the volcanic stone counter where the well renowned chefs are on show for everyone to see.  There are seats at the counter to get a front row view, there is a terrace, great for people watching and there is also more formal seating areas which is what I opted for.

IMG_1526 Chefs at work

I had won a competition with sauce communications to sample the terrace menu. Which was a great opportunity for me to try sashimi for the first time.  I have eaten at the Fat Duck, at the beginning of my culinary journey, and the sound of the sea dish was my least enjoyable dish to be honest.  Four years on I am a lot more adventurous and hoping to get over my dread of raw fish.

We started with some sparkling Sake.  Mio which comes in a beautiful blue bottle.  It’s low alcohol, sweet, refreshing and very easy to drink.  A great alternative to champagne.


Sparkling Sake


Lucky number 7 place setting

Our first dish was cod cheek with chilli amazu.   This was really delicious, a great start to ease me in.  The sweet and sour amazu was really good and greedily slurped up by my hubby.


Cod Cheeks with chilli amazu

Next was a Miso Cappuccino, miso soup with ginger tofu foam.  I’ve never eaten tofu, it was an odd texture, not how i had imagined.  Almost like a hard boiled egg/jelly texture.  It was nice and the other flavours were great.  The soup and the foam were lovely and I loved the presentation and it’s great to have tried something new in such an interesting way.


Miso cappuccino

Moment of truth……… the Omakase Sashimi without soy sauce.  When it arrived at the table it really was a show stopper, presentation is fantastic!  I know the dry ice theatrics have been around for years now, but I always get excited when I see it, I love the table theatre and it makes the whole meal an experience.


I followed my husbands lead, salmon first, he said this would be the one I least enjoyed.  I dug in, and chewed and realised that what I was eating was really not as bad as I had imagined.  We worked our way round the dish and ended with the tuna, I’m actually converted! The tuna was really good, I really enjoyed it.


Omakase Sashimi

The experience was like eating a Charcuterie board, none of the fish was overly fishy, all the little jellies, dressings and sauces accompanying the fish were all so delicious.  It was a great experience, such a fantastic restaurant and I felt quite proud of myself that I had conquered my ‘fear’ of eating raw fish.  I really liked the restaurant and I would definitely go back here.  Great service, beautiful decor and amazing sashimi.



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