The start of a happy new 2015 -Stelle di Stelle at Harrods 

Dining with the Husband, Pop Up Experience

We kicked the new year off in style, lunch at the Italian pop up Stelle di Stelle located in Harrods. Our resident chef was Enrico Crippa of the three Michelin starred restaurant Piazza Duomo which is also number 39 of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.


The restaurant was located within the store which was a concern before I arrived as I did not want to be dining in a fish bowl. As we were seated I was pleased that it was in a quiet part of the store and it was set out really well.




We were first served a plate of cheese and ham, I’m not accustomed to eating parmesan in a chunk so I found this quite novel. The focaccia bread was delicious.



The amuse bouche was a huge bowl of salad with sesame seed dressing. I was really surprised with the flavours that emerged from this, it was very pretty too.


1st course was veal in tuna sauce. The veal was served cold and the tuna sauce, I’m pleased, wasn’t fishy, it was lovely and creamy. I ate the dish with the focaccia. It was like eating a posh beef and horseradish sandwich, gorgeous.


2nd course was pasta filled with three different types of meat, served with their juices and topped with truffle. OMG this dish was amazing! Who doesn’t love a generous shaving of truffle? I thoroughly enjoyed this course the pasta was succulent and the filling was so flavoursome, this pasta was absolutely the best I’ve ever had, perfetto!



Next course was braised beef and polenta. The beef was so tender and the red wine sauce really complimented it. I enjoyed the polenta as it’s something I rarely eat, mainly because I’ve had home cooked attempts and found it so bland, however this was not bland at all.


To finish was a dessert of hazelnut cake with zabaglione (which is a type of custard) this was really yummy the cake was crumbly and tasted amazing, the sight of it really did not do it justice. Great dessert nothing fancy just delicious cake and custard.


I was now rather full, the courses were huge and hearty, the ingredients simple and humble but the flavours were incredible. This food was definitely all about the flavours and I can still taste them now. An authentic taste of Italy in the heart of London.



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