Family feast at The big easy

Dining with the Children, Non Michelin Restaurants

The service in this place was great, especially as we had taken the kids. This was my first experience of an authentic American BarBQ shack. It will certainly not be my last.

We had planned a family day out to the London transport museum, my four year old son is crazy about trains, buses and pressing the button at traffic lights so he was in his element. Then we announced it was lunch time and a tantrum erupted! “It’s ok were just having lunch and coming back” I reassured him! We left the museum and headed in the wrong direction, towards the tube station, but thanks to google maps we found The Big Easy. Its not hidden and very easy to find. We’d even walked past Maiden Lane on our way into Covent garden!
We arrived slightly too early so had to wait until the restaurant opened. My son got upset again at being told he had to wait. I dread family days out when my son behaves like this! My daughter, who is one, is very good and waits contently in her stroller. The staff at the desk announced they were open, even though there was a gathering of people already waiting they let us in first. We were shown to a corner with a back wall filled with American number plates, this was a great way to keep my son occupied asking him to find numbers and letters! My daughter was very delicately strapped into the booster seat by a staff member, and she was immediately grabbing anything within reach, the steak knife was moved pretty sharpish! Boom boom! Another family arrived and were sat at the table opposite. Although it can feel like we’re being confined to an area away from the other dinners it’s quite a relief as there is a feeling of comradery too, knowing we’re all in it together and we won’t get frowned upon if the kids get a bit noisy. Don’t get me wrong my kids are angels when I see how some children behave, but they do have the devilish moments.

After swapping the seating arrangements we were ready to order our food. I’d heard good things about this place so I was very excited. We ordered our drinks, a round of milkshakes peanut butter and chocolate for the adults and chocolate for my son. The milkshake was incredible! It was like liquid reeses, absolutely delicious! Best milkshake to ever pass my lips.

We ordered the food, an enormous sharing platter, BarBQ Blow out. It consisted of the hugest ribs I had ever seen, half a chicken, pulled pork, fries and coleslaw, we also ordered sides of mac n cheese, voodoo wings, beans and a cesear salad. When the food arrived I gasped! The plates barely fitted on the table! The staff were very careful not to put anything in grabbing distance of my ‘little lady’ as they referred to her.


We dived straight in. The ribs are like none I’ve ever eaten before, I’m actually embarrassed that I’ve eaten the pathetic ribs unauthentic American chain restaurants serve up. These were enormous! They were succulent, smokey and had loads of meat on them. Literally the best ribs I’ve eaten in my life. The chicken was so tender and the pulled pork was almost all gone before I got to even sample it.

My son is going through a fussy eater phase at this point in his life, he used to eat everything but now he needs persuading and reminding that he likes certain foods because he’s eaten them before. His plate consisted of mostly chips and mac n cheese. My daughter is not going through a fussy phase at all. She devoured the pulled pork.
The food here is amazing and had lived up to my expectations. The smokey BarBQ flavour is incredible and the meat is so moist.


It was time to go, the children had eaten and were now getting restless. The bill was taken care of really quickly. That can really spoil the experience if I’m left waiting ages to pay. The meat mountain was only half eaten, so we took the remains home in a doggy bag. The Chicken was delicious cold for lunch the next day.

I will definitely return to The Big Easy, it would be great to return without children and enjoy the X-Rated shakes and cocktails. We were really well looked after and the staff were all really attentive towards the children. I would highly recommend this place it’s great for families and would be great for any occasion. If you want to try real ribs then go here! I’m definitely going back for more.


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