Tipsy times at Mango Tree

Dining with friends, Non Michelin Restaurants

My friend and I recently had a limited edition wine pairings menu which included 5 wines and 5 small dishes. Wines were matched up with a particular dish to enhance flavours.


All the dishes were really flavoursome. I especially enjoyed the spicy prawns. The wine pairings were great, a good selection of red and whites and a delicate desert wine, all matched well and were poured generously. I had to drive later that evening so I was only tasting the wines and passing my remaining wine to my friend.


Scallops and Prawns Spicy


Beef salad, Lamb rack & Chicken salad

By the time we got to the dessert course my friend had now had lots of wine and was very tipsy. She was getting food envy ( think she was at kebab craving drunk now) so before our dessert pairing she decided she wanted to order some additional dishes.

We ordered tempura soft shell crab and tempura lobster, I really enjoyed these. The crab was served in 3 pieces, I would have preferred the crab was left whole as I think it looks more impressive but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. The lobster was really good too.


 Tempura soft shell crab and tempura lobster

The dining room was very busy and service was surprisingly attentive considering the large amount of diners. The dining room felt huge.


Mango creme brulee

I had a really fun evening, my friend did get a quite tipsy and to my amusement attempted to exit through the cloakroom, the attendant politely ushered her out and directed her to the door. This was after she had hugged various staff on her way to the exit in appreciation of her great night.

Overall a great experience, good flavoursome food with a buzzing atmosphere.  My tipsy friend provided great entertainment.


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