Restaurant Gordon Ramsay revisited

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first visited this incredible restaurant back in 2011 for my husbands birthday. Back then my husband and I had recently started exploring fine dining in michelin star establishments. It sounds ridiculous but years ago we felt slightly awkward in these restaurants as they were so ‘posh’ and we weren’t sure of the restaurant etiquette. Fast forward to 2015 and I can’t believe we ever felt like that! Visiting a michelin star restaurant is my absolute favourite thing. I know I keep banging on about michelin stars but in my opinion it guarantees amazing food and fantastic service. Now days there are such good lunch deals on offer it’s just as cheap to eat at a michelin star restaurant as it is a chain restaurant.   Anyway, we had decided to return as it was again my husbands birthday and we wanted to fully appreciate the dining experience this time. We had 12o’clock lunch reservations and had already decided we were going for the menu prestige.      We started off the birthday celebrations with a glass of bubbles.     The dining room is very intimate and mostly filled with couples. It’s such a romantic venue.      The first plate was served, an eggshell filled with potato mousseline with smoked egg yolk generously topped with black truffle.     My husband had researched before our visit and heard rave reviews so we added an additional dish of linguine with an emulsion of aged Parmesan again topped with Perigord truffles. The truffles are presented to the table in a wooden box and shaved generously onto your plate, so luxurious!      Pressed foie gras with green apples, turnips, watercress and smoked duck    Ravioli of lobster, langoustine and salmon poached in a light bisque, oscietra caviar and sorrel velouté.  The pasta is incredible and each mouthful is so moreish.    Isle of Gigha halibut with Atlantic King Crab, finger lime and ras el hanout infused broth.  Such a beautifully presented plate, the flowers looked stunning, the broth was so fragrant and delicious.     For main I chose the Cotswold lamb and winter vegetable “Navarin”, braised shank and confit breast    Hubby went for Roast pigeon with fennel, sautéed foie gras, lavender, honey and orange    Before desserts we ordered the optional selection of cheeses     Pre dessert was a pallet cleansing Cucumber sorbet, salad burnet, lemon verbena and mint.  The herbs had been freeze dried to be crushed in the pestle and mortar by the diner at the table.      For dessert we went off the menu and ordered Assiette de l’Aubergine which is a miniature selection of the entire dessert menu!     Lemonade parfait with honey, bergamot and sheep’s milk yoghurt sorbet Smoked chocolate cigar with blood orange and cardamom icecream Carrotcake with mead, bee pollen and creamcheese icecream    Caramelised tarte Tatin of apples with Tahitian vanilla ice cream     English peppermint soufflé with bitter chocolate sorbet Hubby’s birthday didn’t go unnoticed, he was presented another little dessert with a candle and sang to!   I absolutely adore this resturant, one of the best in London.   Each dish is as good as the next and cooked perfectly.  This restaurant holds THREE michelin stars, because it’s a class above all the others. The food is incredible. The plates are presented beautifully and the flavours are extraordinary. This is formal fine dining at it’s best, if you want to feel special, spoilt and pampered, have your crumbs swept away and napkin folded and want to make an effort for a special occasion then this is ideal. I’m a big fan of fine dining and Michelin stars and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is absolute PERFECTION.

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Taste of London 2015

Food Festival

Yay Wednesday had arrived! So had the launch night for Taste of London. I rushed from work and quickly walked to Regents Park. It took 45 minutes to walk from Victoria. It was a gorgeous sunny summer evening, perfect weather for a food festival and a stroll through the beautiful capital. I collected my press pass and made my way to put my name down for the AEG Let’s Taste Live Cook a long. 

As I made my way to the AEG kitchen I was intrigued by the Celebrity Cruises pop up restaurant. I was asked if I was interested and if I wanted to put my name down. Oh yes I said, then stupidly realised I actually hadn’t purchased any crowns! It was noticed I had a press pass so I was invited to attend in exchange for tweets throughout my meal, excellent I said! No problem! So I’d got a space for the maiden voyage at 6.

I headed over to the Lets cook live stand and put my name down for that. I was booked in for 7. Places are free of charge and on a first-come, first-served basis. It is advisable to book early as not to miss out!

I collected my friend at the gate and we went over to board the Celebrity Cruise. Celebrity Cruises are showcasing their culinary delights from their award-winning menus and inviting guests to join them on a gastronomic journey.

The tastings comprise of three sample-sized food & beverage pairings from three of their on-board dining venues including Qsine where you are able to shake your own cocktail on an iPad. Blu – which is exclusively for Aqua class guests and Luminae which is exclusively for Suite Class guests.

First tasting was Qsine’s Signature ‘Spring’ Rolls paired with Punk IPA (Scotland)

I loved the way the spring rolls were actually served in springs, really cool! They tasted amazing too, especially the meaty one. The tiny bottle of chilli sauce gave them a perfect little kick. The beer was very fragrant and worked surprisingly well.

Next tasting was Blu’s Blackened Ahi Tuna with forbidden rice & baby Bok Choy. Paired with Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)

The tuna was absolute perfection. Stunning dish, brilliant wine pairing too. To think a few years ago this would have scared a fish-a-phobe like me is ridiculous. This was my favourite dish. Delicious!!

Final tasting was Luminae’s Lamb Loin with tangy yoghurt dressing. Paired with Chateau d’Esclans “Whispering Angel” (Provence)

Again another perfectly cooked dish. Lamb was cooked beautifully and the flavours in the yoghurt dressing were fantastic, such a flavoursome dish.

Although these were tastings the portions were still very generous, as was the alcohol. So this is incredible value. It’s amazing to think these high standard dishes are ultimately being prepared in a park!

Visitors can sign up for tastings at each session of Taste of London by visiting the reception desk at Celebrity Cruises’ Lawn Club. Space is limited so bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis.


Facebook: /UKCelebrityCruises

Twitter: @CelebrityUK

Instagram: celebritycruisesuk

It was coming up to 7 so we made our way to the AEG cook a long area. Let’s Taste Live Cooking experience was a chance to cook alongside TV chef Jeremy Pang from School of Wok and discover how to take taste further. The hands-on sessions are an opportunity to try out new recipes, pick up hints, tips and techniques and test out your skills on the latest induction technology.

On the menu was Hoisin cocacola ribs, stir fried Sichuan chicken and steamed scallop siu mai.
We didn’t actually make the ribs but we did make the stir fry and dumplings, not very well but they tasted good, that’s all that matters isn’t it?!

 I really enjoy these cook a longs it’s great to be able to use top of the range hobs and utensils. I do enjoy cooking at home so it’s good to pick up tips from the chefs while they cook.

After all this food my friend and I were really full. So we decided to go for a walk about the festival. We sat down at the Mortimers Orchard Cider Bar. We were generously offers a pint of cider as I had tweeted a selfie. They are running a competition with the hashtag #silentselfie. I didn’t realise you needed headphones so I’m not actually entered but if you stop by their Silent Disco and tweet your #SilentSelfie you will be in with a chance to #win £100 gift card @RoastRestaurant!

 Mortimer’s Orchard is a crisp, refreshing cider made with 100% fresh English apple juice. I do love a cold cider in the sunshine, I usually order the fruity kind but this is gorgeous! It literally tastes like apple juice. Perfect summer tipple.

Time had flown and before we knew it the session was drawing to a close. We took the obligatory snap with the taste sign and headed to the tube.

Amazingly I did not even have to buy any crowns! Usually my husband and I buy around 100 crowns between us. You can literally make Taste as cheap or expensive as you wish. There are so many free samples and demos and cook a longs where you get to eat what you have cooked. Or you can make a list from the restaurant menus and work your way through that. Averagely a dish is 5 crowns. 1 crown = £1

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend I would highly recommend this. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for something to do whilst in London.

For more information and tickets visit

Regent’s Park, Outer Circle, London, NW1 5HA

Thank you to for the Press pass, Celebrity cruises for the complimentary meal and Mortimer’s Orchard for my complimentary pint.

#lovE20 Dream date @ Get Living London Part 3 

Dream date #lovE20

Our next stop was bowling at All Star Lanes. Unfortunately we had missed our allocated slot at bowling. It was so busy, there was such a great atmosphere, real shame we couldn’t bowl that night. Oh well, we decided to explore more of Westfield and went for a walk a bout. Before we knew it our dinner reservation had crept up on us.  
Cafe football was the destination, it’s actually located within Westfield. I’m not into football but was curious to come here as I am a fan of Michael Wignall who is creative director. I knew the food wasn’t going to be two michelin star standard like his actual restaurant but I did expect it to be high.  

I opted for the all for one which was ribs, chips, wings coleslaw and a random pitta bread.  


My husband had the sausage roll. The food was ok but I’d come here with high expectations so was disappointed to be honest. This place is good for football fans as they have screens to watch the game. They also had a sweet shop where you can get a quarter of sweets, so it’s brilliant for families too. Just not the best for foodies wanting Michael Wignall quality food. I did like the milkshakes served in the glass milk bottles, that did look cool.


Next event, cocktails at the Casino. We didn’t gamble, as neither of us had a clue what to do, so we headed straight for the bar. There was a live band playing. This was a very popular place, the queue at the bar was quite deep. I chose a fruity cocktail, it was shaken and stirred and beautifully presented. It tasted great too. Don’t mind if I do have another! 


We were absolutely full to bursting so made our way to the apartment. My husband is neurotic when it comes to noise so I was a bit concerned he wouldn’t get much sleep staying in an apartment in such a busy place. Amazingly we had a great sleep, not a peep of noise! Such a great apartment to wake up in and our kids would have loved it too! Especially my son as the balcony is a great place for train spotting.  

We decided that as we did not have the chance to bowl the night before that we would go first thing in the morning. We walked round to Westfield, we were very familiar with the short walk now and checked in at all star lanes. 

Let’s bowl let’s bowl let’s rock n roll! I’m not very good at bowling, no surprise I lost, but it was great fun! The atmosphere was very different to the party atmosphere going on the night before. There were families with young children and it was very relaxed. 


After my humiliating defeat we went back to the apartment to be filmed about our dream date. We returned our keys and made our way home to kent.  

Watch what we had to say here

Thank you so much to get living London for arranging a fantastic dream date, which it certainly was! 

#lovE20 Dream date @ Get Living London part 2 Clove Club

Dream date #lovE20

Loaded up with our Westfield shopping voucher we had a wander around Westfield shopping centre. My local shopping centre is Bluewater, Dartford. This was the first time I had been to Westfield Stratford. Next time I need to go shopping I think I’ll make the effort to return to stratford as Westfield have such a diverse variety of shops. Far better than Bluewater. They have all the designer shops as well as the budget shops such as Primark and they even have an Argos. They have loads of restaurants too. I spotted a little character from the new kids film Home and couldn’t resist a snap.   
Next stop was lunch at Clove Club, Shoreditch. We had been given travel cards but we decided to take a taxi to the restaurant. The clove club was my husbands choice of restaurant.

Located in an old town hall the clove club has quite a grand entrance.

Our coats were taken and we were walked through the bar and into the dining room. We walked past the chefs who are located at the front of the restaurant in full view of diners.

We were given a budget for lunch but as we were here we thought we may as well go for the full dining experience and went for a carte Blanche tasting menu with paired wines.

Our meal kicked off with a selection of snacks and a glass of bubbles.


Chicken feet, sausage, cured meats, chicken ‘nuggets’ every mouthful was amazing! I absolutely love when a meal kicks off to this fantastic standard and it excites me as I anticipate the courses. As it was a carte blanche menu, we didn’t know what we were eating until it was placed in front of us.

The first dish was trout, I have overcome my fear of eating fish and even the raw stuff too. I’m not a fan of fishy fish and this fish wasn’t at all. My husband always laughs as he thinks I’m gonna struggle but I actually enjoyed it. All the flavours were so fresh and clean.

Next course was scallop, truffle and mushroom. Wow. These flavours together were amazing so earthy and creamy and silky on the tongue. This was a definite highlight of the meal.

Blood sausage was the next course. I really like black pudding so this dish was finished off rather quickly. Another delicious dish.

Next course was a fish dish

followed by a delicious cheesy biscuit.

The following course was really clever. We were shown a 100 year old bottle of Madeira it was poured into a wine glass and we were told to drink half of it. From a separate decanter our glasses were topped up with a duck consume. Such a great idea, plus I’ve never drunk hot consume from a wine glass before.

Next was a lamb course.

Followed by two desserts one of which was a lemonade and pepper combination and it literally was a taste sensation and my tastebuds went crazy with the peppery fizz.

Coffee then petit fours with the bill. Tada! 17 different plates of amazing food polished off no problems.

We decided to walk to the nearest tube station and got lost walking in circles but eventually ended up at Liverpool street. I don’t know if this was the nearest station but we were back to Stratford within minutes.

This is part 2 of 3.  To be continued in part 3

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#lovE20 Dream Date @ Get Living London part 1 

Dream date #lovE20

Back in March my husband and I won a dream date based in Stratford E20. We basically were given free reign to decide a whole day of activities courtesy of Get Living London.
Get living london are a new residential owner and rental management company, who let homes direct to residents, they aim to become London’s first choice for rental property and will be operating from locations across the capital, with their first homes in London’s newest neighbourhood, East Village. Which would be our home for the night.

We live in Kent, so we took the high speed train from Ebbsfleet and we arrived in Stratford in about 10 minutes. We were given the keys to our apartment for the night.

We walked in and although the weather was quite dim we were overwhelmed by the breath taking views! Wow!

You could see for miles, the whole of the London landscape and all of it’s iconic landmarks, the Olympic park and stadium and The ArcelorMittal Orbit, which was our first activity for the day.

So just a few minutes walk from our apartment was The ArcelorMittal Orbit. The ArcelorMittal Orbit was created by sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor, and designer Cecil Balmond.

The sculpture is actually bigger than it looks. Britain’s largest sculpture was fashioned from 2000 tonnes of steel, the equivalent of 265 double-decker buses!

We stood under the huge dome at the bottom and then we were escorted into the lift. We reached the top floor and had our photo taken upside down in one of the amusing mirrors.

We then had a go at the touch screen maps picking out the landmarks we could spot. We decided to walk down the stairs to exit the sculpture.

From here we realised just how high we actually were. It was very windy too! As we descended there were speakers with sound bites of London including markets and parklife.

A great activity although to be honest the view from our apartment was just as spectacular.

To be continued with Part 2 – lunch at Clove Club & Part 3 including bowling at All Star Lanes

Maison Blanc’s summer patisserie range


I was invited to sample Maison Blanc’s summer patisserie range. Reviewing cakes, that’s my dream job! I chose to visit the Fulham Road store. It was a gorgeous summer day, perfect to try out summer patisserie, and I had brought my two year old daughter with me.  I had told her we were going to eat cakes so she was very excited. We approached the store and our eyes lit up! A brightly rainbow coloured display of macaroons, tarts and cupcakes welcomed us.

My daughter and I sat down. I had my daughter’s buggy but there was plenty of room, which is great. There’s nothing worse than trying to manoeuvre a buggy between tables and chairs. The cafe was very spacious there was also an outside area to the back of the restaurant. I was sat opposite the counter. The shop was very popular and a lot of the customers appeared to be regulars. I can see why as the service is very friendly.

Our table began to fill up with a selection of treats.

Ispahan Macaron 

A gorgeous pink crisp macaron filled with rose fragrant cream diplomat and fresh raspberries

Lemon Hibiscus Tart

A stunning summer inspired pastry filled with rhubarb and rosewater compote topped with lemon and hibiscus cream, decorated with edible petals.

Tarte aux Fraises 

Perfect crumbling pastry filled with pistachio almond cream, light mousseline cream finished with fresh strawberries and pistachio

Lemon Curd Cupcake 

A zingy lemon sponge with a lemon cream centre, topped with the most delicious lemon curd buttercream

My daughter indulged in a beautiful little dotty the ladybird dessert.

With our tummies full and cake smeared faces (mine only slightly). We said our thank yous and goodbyes and were given the remainder of the summer range to take away. A very welcome surprise for my husband and son later that evening.

Strawberry Cream Cupcake and Choco Berry Cupcake 

A moist vanilla sponge topped with strawberry buttercream and strawberry drizzle.

Chocolate sponge topped with blackcurrant buttercream, violet drizzle and a fresh blueberry

Lemon Cream Macaron  

Sunshine yellow macaron shell filled with a silky lemon butter cream

Blackberry Mac-nifique Macaron

Beautiful purple macaron filled with vanilla cream diplomat and fresh blackberries

The macarons are so pretty to look at. They do taste as good as they look too. The buttercream on the cupcakes is amazing, it’s so silky and the sponge is lovely and moist. Unfortunately the cupcakes didn’t make it home in perfect condition as I had transported them home on the bottom of my daughters buggy. This was definitely not a concern for my son and husband when they enjoyed their after dinner treats. Of course I had to sample a piece of each too for review purposes! 😉

Gorgeous summer treats which can be enjoyed in store or at home, they also deliver!

Thank you to Red Kite PR and Maison Blanc for inviting me to sample their Summer range.

About Maison Blanc

Maison Blanc is the authentic French Boulangerie and Pâtisserie lovingly created in Oxford in 1981. Maison Blanc was the first authentic pâtisserie and bakery in England, setting the standard for subsequent pâtisserie. As a mark of its success, since then Maison Blanc has grown across the South East to include 14 individual local branches. Maison Blanc’s vision centre’s on providing customers with a taste of France making authentic French and high quality products daily. Maison Blanc serves a selection of fresh artisan breads, pastries, savouries and world-famous pâtisserie, all made in Maison Blanc’s very own bakery. Breakfast and lunch is made to order in every store and uses seasonal ingredients wherever possible. Maison Blanc is part of KFG Restaurants Ltd.

Shop locations









Holland Park

Muswell Hill


St. John’s Wood



Twitter: @MaisonBlancUK

Amazing win of cocktails at Coppa and dinner at Lonzo courtesy of BarChick.


I was lucky enough to win cocktails at Coppa and dinner at Lonzo courtesy of BarChick. I am writing this post as I was so blown away by the food I wanted to share my experience.

I had just left a birthday afternoon celebration at the Strand and had just over an hour to get to Hackney. I am a huge fan of walking and walk almost everywhere, I didn’t have enough time to walk to Hackney so decided to walk to Liverpool street and catch the overground to London fields. I got off the train and made my way to Coppa. I must admit I’ve never been to this part of London. There was such a great atmosphere, the sun was shining, the fields and streets were packed with people, there was a lovely summer vibe. I spotted a small chalk board with “Coppa” and a man directed me up the staircase. I reached the top and walked out onto a lovely decked roof terrace.

The summer vibe had continued up here with cute little beach huts, gingham tablecloths and decorative lemons. I sipped on a Aperol Spritz.

This was my first time trying Aperol. It had a sweet orangeade taste but with a bittersweet almost salty tang.  The taste definitely does grow on you.

Coppa is a private event space but they are open to the public on their open weekends.

We made a move to our dinner venue, Lonzo which was a short walk through London fields. I used my google map and was slightly confused by the direction. I looked down Helmsley Place and thought that there didn’t appear to be any restaurants down there, then I spotted the sign. We made our way down to the warehouse. We were greeted and welcomed in. There were no other diners so we got our pick of the seats.

Lonzo is bakery which provides breads, pastries and doughs for it’s restaurants Lardo and Lardo bebè these are also available to buy to take away. Lonzo is also a wine shop/wine bar and a dining space serving antipasti and small plates. The menu was written in chalk under the shelves of wine.

I let the host choose our dishes.










The food was incredible. Such amazing flavours, so rustic and simple. The salume was so delicious and was freshly sliced before being served. The selection of crostinis were great. My favourite was the one with the grilled asparagus.

The artichoke fritti was delicious, the batter was perfect, and the salsa was so tasty I could have happily eaten a bowl of it. Amazing dish!
The tortellini in brodo was another gorgeous dish. The broth it was served in was slurped up with a spoon when I had devoured all the pasta.
I enjoyed every single dish and actually sampled almost the entire menu! I was blown away by the food and I really enjoyed the communal table. It’s great to be able to see what others are eating and drinking, I think us eating almost everything helped with them with their choices too.
I can’t recommend this place enough. Thank you to Bar chick, Lonzo and Coppa for such a fantastic evening


5 Helmsley Pl

London, E8 3SB
COPPA is situated on the roof of the Hothouse Building, Martello St, E8.
For more info contact

Authentic Italian food made with love at Evoluzione 


I was privileged enough to be invited by Zomato to a Guest Chef Event at Hotel Xenia’s gorgeous restaurant Evoluzione. The restaurant’s resident chef is Andrea Angeletti who boasts previously being awarded a michelin star. Every six weeks an Italian Guest chef each from a different region of Italy is invited to showcase their skills for an exclusive evening of food and drink.

The guest chef of the evening I attended, which was the third event of eight, was Teresa Buongiorno of Osteria gia Sotto l’arco.  Osteria gia Sotto l’arco was established in the fifties as a simple family tavern, now after two generations is an elegant restaurant overlooking the main square of Carovigno. Located in the region of Puglia (also known as Apulia) in the south of Italy (if bad at geography, like I am, it’s the heel of Italy’s boot). The restauranteurs are husband and wife team Teodosio and Teresa Buongiorno. Teodosio personally chooses ingredients each morning and Teresa creates traditional, innovative but simple dishes which change regularly due to the seasonal offerings of the region.

I was first to arrive at Evoluzione, I mingled, drank Prosecco and ate delicious canapés as we waited for all the guests to arrive. To amuse our taste buds were bruschetta, vegetarian meat balls which I think were actually made with bread, and a lovely little cheese and tomato calzone.

  All very delicious. A cool feature of the room was a transparent Perspex piano which was played while we dined. A lovely elegant touch.

We were lead into the beautiful dining room which has a seated counter area. I bagged a seat here so I could get a front row view of the chef. As well as being a fan of food I really enjoy meeting the chefs too. So to be sat and able to engage with a chef is a real pleasure for me. The resident chef, a translator, Teresa and her husband all stood and introduced their selves and welcomed us to the evening.

Guest chef Teresa Buongiorno and resident chef Andrea Angeletti

First course was a very quirky presented broad beans and chicory. We had a demonstration of how the chicory had been transformed into a sponge. It had been put into a canister, squirted into a bowl and microwaved. Magic! I really liked this dish, I enjoyed the different textures and liked how such simple ingredients had become so exciting.

Broad beans and chicories

Next course was my favourite, Burrata, an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, served warm covered in delicate crunchy strands of pastry. This was accompanied by dry cured pork and a tomato sauce underneath the cheese. The cheese was amazing! Inside the mozerella shell the texture of the cheese resembled marshmallow, the type you get inside a tunnocks teacake, it was delicious! A really surprising dish, again such simple ingredients but the dish made such an impression. There was a brief demonstration for this dish too, showing how simple it was too assemble.

Fresh filled spun – curd cheese in kataifi pastry on a tomato sauce, with capocollo cold cut and dried tomatoes

The next dish was traditional homemade pasta. Orecchiette (which resembles a small ear) is home-made pasta typical of Apulia. I actually participated in making this pasta. It was not easy. The chef skilfully rolled out a sausage of dough, sliced off a cm and spread it with a knife to make the ear shape. I sliced off some of the silky dough and made a fairly good attempt of an ear shape (dumbo’s) but discovered it was far harder than it looked. Incredibly the pasta is hand made everyday at her restaurant. That’s dedication! The pasta was served with mussels and peas. Great combination and perfectly seasoned too.

Orecchiette pasta with mussels and peas

Next course red snapper, potato and vegetables. Another delicious course. It was my first time trying red snapper, the fish taste was mild, which I like, and slightly sweet. The potato was perfectly smooth and the combination of vegetables worked well with the dish.

Sliced red snapper on potato’s cream with julienne vegetables

Dessert was up next, a delicious little ricotta cheese sponge cake with white chocolate and forest fruits. I really enjoyed the dessert and the accompanying wine which tasted of almond worked so well. A really lovely comforting dessert.

Ricotta cheese cupcake with white chocolate and forest fruits.

I had such a lovely evening and was sat a seat away from the chefs husband. He spoke very little English and he looked on so proud of his wife. I managed to communicate with him, I was curious to know if this is the type of food that he eats at home and he said yes! What a lucky man!

If you want authentic lovingly made italian food in a stylish setting then Evoluzione is the place to come.

The next Guest Chef event at Hotel Xenia will be on 24th June 2015

For more information

Evoluzione by Andrea Angeletti - Hotel Xenia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato