The Ultimate Queensbury Kitchen experience 

Dining with friends, Non Michelin Restaurants

Red kite PR had invited me to attend an event at The Queensbury Kitchen, North West London, a two minute walk from Willesden Green tube station.  The restaurant has only been open for a couple of months but they certainly look to be doing ok.  The Queensbury Kitchen is a bar and grill offering grill favourites made with fresh, specially sourced British ingredients.  They serve cocktails as well as craft beers and are open for breakfast, coffee, lunch and dinner seven days a week and offer brunch at weekends.

 I was one of the first to arrive just after 6:00 the event started at 6:30, well I would have been even earlier if it wasn’t for me attending the wrong venue!  The Queensbury kitchen actually have a sister, The Queensbury gastropub.  Very nice indeed, although I only stayed a few minutes until I was told I was at the wrong place and meant to be down the road! Oh dear! Not the best start.  

So I walked two minutes down the road in the opposite direction to the correct venue.  This is what happens when I don’t use google maps!

I walked in, nervously introduced myself and clambered onto a stall up at a communal table and fellow food lovers began to join me.  I had a good spot, right next to the bar.  To kick off I ordered a QK signature cocktail.  I was here for the ultimate Queensbury kitchen experience so it seemed obvious to choose a drink with the same name.  

Slush puppy red served in a martini glass with a stawberry balanced on the rim. It tasted as good as it looked.  

A popular choice was the Mango Chilli Caipiroska.  This had a real kick.  It looked really pretty too with the bits of red chilli against the chunks of mango.  

My personal favourite – Evergreen Avocado, but not as you know it.  This was delicious so creamy and I thought it had a similar taste to a key lime pie. 

So I sipped and chatted and I felt really comfortable.  Everyone was friendly and asking each other questions I had relaxed and felt at ease.  

The room was full of eager food enthusiasts and the food arrived.   Mini burgers, chicken wings, ribs, paneer kebabs, salmon, macaroni cheese, onion rings, chips, sweet potato fries, beans, salad, this was a full on banquet! 

The food was incredible and I was sure to tell the chef, Wayne as he proudly looked on at everybody devouring his delicious food. 

The crispy chicken wings were fantastic, lovely crunch to the skin.  

The ribs were also amazing.  They fell off the bone, were succulent and the sauce was soooo good.  

The paneer kebabs were a lovely tasty surprise the tiny little kebab packed so much flavour.  

I loved the mini burgers too, perfectly cooked petit burgers that were pink in the middle just like they should be.  The burgers here are served pink unless otherwise requested.  

The sides were equally good, the sweet potato fries were crisp and the onion rings were yummy, you could tell they were home made.  I love the cute cups and buckets they’re served in. 

The food is such a high standard, it is all homemade and ingredients are sourced by head chef Wayne Bumfrey.  You can really taste and obviously see that it has been made with love.  

As the plates were cleared I popped to the toilet.  Being a mum I did notice a baby change facility, which is fantastic, a sign that families are welcome.  The Manager, Stephanie Peel has customer service as her top priority.  The community spirit that she has witnessed grow while managing the sister pub seems to have spilled into The Queensbury Kitchen as there was such a mix of people when I first arrived and it felt so welcoming and relaxed.  

As I arrived back to the table the desserts had arrived! OMG! There was chocolate brownie, cheesecake, ice cream sundaes, cinnamon sugar churros with chocolate sauce and a bread and butter pudding.  

I’d missed my opportunity to take pics of everything but I did get to sample it all.  My favourite was the lovely rich chocolate brownie and I loved how the ice cream sundaes were served in the traditional tall glass.  

I was lovely and full and our evening had come to an end.  I thanked everyone and said my goodbyes and felt quite proud that I had attended my first blogging event and it had been a success.  What’s great is that I genuinely loved the place and will definitely return.  The communal table in the middle where we sat is perfect for large groups.  I look forward to coming here with a group of friends and enjoying another evening of gorgeous cocktails and food.  I’d also consider coming here with my husband and my two young children.  They’d be fascinated with the light fixtures and it will be great to eat homemade comforting food rather than the frozen kind other grill restaurants offer.  

So I attended my first media event as a blogger and this is my blog post! 


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