The penultimate finale dinner in the sky cooked for by Alyn Williams

Dining with the Husband, Pop Up Experience

I was lucky enough to win seats for the penultimate finale dinner in the sky, courtesy of Speyside Glynlevit water. The chef tonight was Alyn Williams, holder of one Michelin star for Alyn Williams at The Westbury.

My husband and I arrived promptly and checked in for our flight, our faces were instantly recognised and the advantage of a second visit were we knew the best seats. We requested seats 3 and 4, we chose these seats purely because they are situated directly in front of the chef, slightly stalkerish I know. We were given our numbered red discs, collected our Taittinger champagne and perched on a stall excitingly watching on while the restaurant prepared for our dinner. As this was our second time the anxiety wasn’t there, it was pure excitement and desire for the food.


Champagne and seat numbers

After a quick briefing we were strapped into our seats. As we lifted off the ground I saw some nervous faces, I did feel a little smug. It’s such an amazing feeling being lifted up into the air feeling the wind blowing and seeing the sun begin to set.

Our first course was already sat in front of us, weighing down the menu.


Belota iberica, cauliflower, soused beach vegetables, cobnuts

I had never had a cauliflower dish like this before, it was very enjoyable. I loved the contrast of textures, smooth and crunchy.


Mersea island crab, watermelon, wild herb coleslaw, gazpacho cucumber

This was as good as it looked, and the highlight on this dish for me was the coleslaw, it was delicious. Obviously the crab was good too.


Confit cod, coco bean casserole, Alsace bacon, autumn truffles.

The coco bean casserole was soooooo good, I had to resist licking the bowl clean, this was served with a very generous grating of truffle.


Cumbrian rose veal, braised brisket, sweetbread crumbs, brassicas

Highlight on this plate was the brisket, it was perfect! Also loved the sweetbread crumbs, which are not suitable for vegetarians! 😉


Cornish cows curd cheesecake, spiced figs, gingerbread crisp

Gorgeous dessert, another plate licker!

It was an absolute pleasure to be sat in front of chef Alyn Williams and his assistant Rory. I guess it’s a great opportunity for them too. Not for me to be sat in front of him, but to be so close to the diners and get instant feedback. This intimate setting is such a fantastic way to interact with the chefs, the couple sat to my left were asking lots of questions, and my husband and I had the opportunity to speak with him and tell him that we were actually going to be dining at his restaurant in two weeks. My husband made the reservation before we knew our fate. When I told him how I bagged my seats for tonights dinner he shook my hand and congratulated me. He’d seen my name appear on twitter quite a few times! Hehe! I asked for my menu to be signed and before we knew it we were back on the ground. We’d gone up into the sky in daylight and came back down in the dark.





It really was a privilege to be part of Events in the Sky’s Dinner in the sky, I’d taken off at the opening weekend and landed on the finale weekend I really felt part of the journey. Both nights were very special and I will always cherish the memories of such a unique dining experience.

I look forward to trying out the tasting menu at Alyn Williams at The Westbury with my feet firmly on the ground in the luxury of a warm dining room. If the food was this good served 100ft in the air in the freezing cold wind then I know I’m in for a real treat! Maybe I’ll get the chance to stalk, I mean meet, Alyn again and get my menu signed.


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