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Hello and welcome to my blog.  My name is Sam and I’m a bit obsessed with food, hence the name Food Obsessed Sam.  I’m a restaurant collector, I love the experience of eating at Michelin Star restaurants and have an ever expanding list my husband and I are working our way through.   I have eaten at so many amazing restaurants and I think the experiences are worth sharing.


Now I’m not claiming to be a food critic, this blog is more of a diary of food related experiences.  The reason I have decided to write and publish my diary is because I’ve realised that I have a hobby which some people are actually interested in. I’m a Foodie! Sounds like a guilty admission. The majority of people I speak to aren’t that impressed, they know I go to posh restaurants and pay jaw dropping amounts of money for lunch. The truth is my husband and I work hard, we have two small children and we love the romance of eating out. Our wages are moderate, so eating at a three Michelin star restaurant is a real treat and privilege and we savour and appreciate every morsel.

My husband developed an interest in restaurants and chefs when we first got together in 2008. We didn’t fully immerse into our culinary journey until 2010 after our first son was born. Now my husband is obsessed with everything chef and restaurant related. I probably have far more knowledge than the average person but it seems my husband knows absolutely everything! We have an ever expanding bucket list of restaurants and we go as and when we can afford to (and when we can get babysitters).

My passion for food has only evolved over the last few years. I used to be a fussy eater and had a list of foods that I didn’t like and refused to eat. My list has significantly decreased as my love for food and the development of my tastebuds increased. Before I became a foodie I think the most impressive thing I had eaten was bruschetta. Now I can knock that up in a few minutes for lunch.

As a child I was not exposed to a wide spectrum of food. I ate stew made with tinned soup, which was actually one of my favourites and spaghetti bolognese from a jar with the addition of fresh peppers. Shepard’s pie was very frequent, and a roast on Sunday was guaranteed, so was overcooked meat! I never had the opportunity to try new foods, I didn’t even travel abroad until I was 21. Even when on holiday I would still eat the typical ‘English’ foods. It is a shame that I only really became aware of food a few years ago, but now my eyes are wide open and I am eager to try everything! Whenever I eat out I will always try new foods, I may not like them but how would I know until I try?

I eat at a variety of restaurants and enjoy eating various cuisines. I have eaten in numerous three star, two star and one Michelin star restaurants in the UK. Mostly based in London, but I have also travelled around the country to many destination restaurants. I enjoy eating at country pubs, garden centre cafés, greasy spoons and I do love a Chinese take away. When eating out with my children I like to visit restaurants where the service is fast, so there’s no time for tantrums!

So that’s me, hope you enjoy reading my diary entries.

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6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hehe a good bruschetta is still something to be marvelled at, but yes, judging by the wining and dining you’ve been doing since, you’ve definitely come a long way!


  2. I’m impressed that you manage to fit your family with your love of michelin starred restaurants. I agree that if you look carefully, you can find great haute cuisine at reasonable prices. Hope to read more of your posts soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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